6 de octubre de 2009

Defiant! Practical Tips to Thrive in Tough Times

Un material imperdible para toda persona "bajo presión", Mark Mc Guinness es uno de los mayores talentos en creatividad aplicada en los negocios, participa activamente como colaborador en lateral action uno de los sitios mas innovadores en cuanto a creatividad se refiere, y que aconsejo visitar. Creador de Wishful Thinking inspiring creative professionals. Excelente!


‘Defiant! Practical Tips to Thrive in Tough Times’
by Mark McGuinness on August 31, 2009

Cover of Defiant e-book

If you’re feeling daunted by the challenges of the recession – or if you could simply do with some inspirational and practical advice, then I suggest you download Defiant: Practical Tips to Thrive in Tough Times.
It’s a new e-book from Rajesh Setty, successful entrepreneur, respected author, columnist for Lateral Action – and a thoroughly nice guy who I’m pleased to call my friend.

A few months ago Raj asked me to contribute a practical tip or two for people under pressure due to the recession. I was happy to do so, and am delighted to find myself a co-contributor alongside stellar talents such as Seth Godin, Liz Strauss and Phil Gerbyshak.

As well as the ‘guest tips’ Raj has packed the e-book full of advice based on his experience of surviving and thriving through several recessions.

The e-book is completely FREE – you don’t even need to give your e-mail address. So once you’ve grabbed your copy and please help to help others by forwarding it to your friends and contacts.
Thanks Raj!
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