19 de febrero de 2014

We need to, stop living over our surviving emotions...

"Mind is the brain in action"

"Every time you learn something new, you make a NEW connection in your brain"

"We need to, stop living over our surviving emotions."

"The best way to create the future is to create it from an unknown place"

"When people start crossing the river of change from de old self to the new self, because they're no longer thinking acting and feeling in the same way, there is literally a biological a neurological
genetic chemical death up the old self..."

"..and as we begin to remind ourselves so who we do wanna be..will come a moment, where we begin to SILENCE the CIRCUITS in our brain that ARE CONNECTED TO THE OLD SELF, inhibit the chemicals that reaffirm the same identity and then, begin sue fire and wire NEW CIRCUITS in our brain, that begins to install the NERUROLOGICAL HARDWARE that
begins to create a level of inspiration where we start seeing new possibilities we see a new landscape, we see a new horizon and that person who CROSSES THE RIVER OF CHANGE has new opportunites in their life and they're seeing possibilities that they begin to notice... while I'm so glad.."

"If you're going to hold onto pain and sadness then you'll never see possibility, and you only be interested in THE IMMEDIATE GRATIFICATION.."

"but these solution to those problems can not be adress from the same level of mine that created them..(Einstein!)"

Joe Dispenza
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